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THQ - Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

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In the year 2027 America will be a very different place. After years of economic decline and fuel shortage, the country is overpowered and occupied by the ‘Greater Korean Republic’.

On the eve of the much awaited launch of Homefront, THQ’s new FPS alt.future thriller, we’ve just produced an interactive map which shows just how insufferable life is for Americans under the Korean regime. The map showcases a number of video and photographic artefacts that have been collected during an 18 month journey by an anonymous member of the ‘Voice of Freedom’ resistance movement. Much of the content is extremely shocking and provocative.

The content for the map has been created in a collaboration with transmedia storytellers Campfire and THQ, and it follows the same storyline as the game itself, which was largely scripted by John Milius (of Red Dawn, Big Wednesday and Apocalypse Now fame). The videos include a clip of Salt Lake City being carpet-bombed by KPA jets, a classroom of school children reciting a revised Korean Pledge of Allegiance, and a father in San Francisco preparing to suicide bomb an army checkpoint. All extremely stirring stuff!

And the point of all of this controversial activity? Well communicating what, at first hand, seems a rather fantastical storyline to the public has always been a key challenge for Homefront. But once the viewer takes time to read the timeline of events between now and 2027, and immerses themselves in occupied America, the narrative becomes completely feasible, and incredibly compelling. For this reason is was imperative that every piece of content on the map was individually sharable across Facebook and Twitter – creating realistic news links on user’s feeds, and driving interest, sharing, and interaction. We created Facebook pages (above)for both the map itself and a timeline of future events, and even made a cinematic trailer, and a themed Machinima/YouTube page (below).

All of this activity, along with the production of the global rich media advertising, is the result of an intensive couple of months  shoring up the Homefront social strategy for launch.

We’ve even produced some of the photographic content as aged artefacts for press launch. The whole experience has been great fun, and we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to play the game itself. It promises to be an absolute blockbuster!

To view the map in more detail click here if you dare!

Posted by Five by Five LA at 10:59am March 2nd 2011

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